Onesmus Semalulu
Name: Dr. Onesmus Semalulu
Job Title:

Principal Research Officer

Qualifications: PhD. (Soil fertility)
MSc. (Soil science),
BSc. (Chemistry)
Expertise: Natural resource management; integrated soil fertility management; applied soil chemistry; nutrient recycling; Environmental management issues
Research Interests  Integrated natural resource management (INRM) focusing on soil, water and nutrient management specially targeting smallholder farmers
 Development and promotion of low input technologies for sustainable natural resource management in Uganda
 Development and promotion of improved land management practices to mitigate land degradation and associated water pollution in selected hotspots
 Development and promotion of natural resource management through linkages with to market opportunities

Contact Details:

Official Email :
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Selected Publications:

1. Semalulu O., P. Elobu, S. Namazzi, S. Kyebogola, D.N. Mubiru (2017). Higher Cereal and Legume Yields Using Ca-bentonite on Sandy Soils in the Dry Eastern Uganda: Increased Productivity versus Profitability. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research, 5(2), 140 - 147. doi: 10.13189/ujar.2017.050209,

2. Semalulu, O., M.K. Magunda and D.N. Mubiru 2015. Amelioration sandy soils in drought stricken areas through use of Ca-bentonite. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences (UJAS) 16 (16) 2:175-185. ISSN 1026-0919 (Print); ISSN 2410-6909 (Online). @ National Agricultural Research Organization.

3. Semalulu O., M. Magunda, D. Mubiru, K.C. Kaizzi and E. Komutunga. 2015. Water-smart agriculture through integrated soil and water management: the Uganda experience. Water-smart Agriculture sourcebook.

4. Semalulu, O., M.K. Magunda and D.N. Mubiru 2014. Use of Ca-bentonite to ameliorate moisture and nutrient limitations of sandy soils in drought stricken areas. UJAS. 2014, 14(2):49-59.

5. O. Semalulu, B. Mugonola, J. Bonabana-Wabbi, S.T. Kayanga and H. Mogaka. 2014. Optimizing use of integrated soil fertility management options for profitable groundnut production in Uganda. Landmark Research Journal of Agriculture and Soil Sciences (LRJASS) Vol. 1 issue 5 pp. 061-069, September, 2014 Available online Copyright © 2014 Landmark Research Journals.

6. Semalulu O, Kasenge V, Nakanwagi J., Wagoire W., Chemusto S. and Tukahirwa J. 2014. Financial losses due to soil erosion in the Mt. Elgon hillsides, Uganda: a need for action. Sky Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management Vol. 3(2), pp. 29-35, March, 2014. Available online ISSN 2315-8794 ©2014 Sky Journals.

7. Semalulu O, V. Kasenge, P. Makhosi and R. Ggita. 2013. Comparative Productivity and Profitability of Four Groundnut Varieties with Phosphate Fertiliser in Mbale District, Uganda. Intern. Journal of Agricultural Innovations and Research Vol. 2 Issue 1, July 2013. pp. 117-124.

8. Semalulu Onesimus, Didas Kimaro, Valentine Kasenge, Moses Isabirye and Patrick Makhosi. 2012. Soil and nutrient losses in banana-based cropping systems of the Mt. Elgon hillsides of Uganda: economic implications. International Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 2167-0447 Vol. 2 (9), pp. 256-262, September, 2012. © International Scholars Journals.

9. Kayuki C. Kaizzi, John Byalebeka, Onesmus Semalulu, Isaac Newton Alou, Williams Zimwanguyizza, Angella Nansamba, Emmanuel Odama, Patrick Musinguzi, Peter Ebanyat, Theodore Hyuha, Appollo K. Kasharu, Charles S. Wortmann. 2012. Optimizing smallholder returns to fertilizer use: Bean, soybean and groundnut. Field Crops Research 127 (2012) 109–119.

10. Semalulu, O., M. Azuba, P. Makhosi, F. Semyalo and S. Lwasa. 2012. Nutrient Recycling Using Human Urine: Potential for Low Input Farming. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, USA. B 2 (2012) 919-933. ISSN 1939-1250.
11. J. McDonagh, Y. Lu and O. Semalulu. 2011 Adoption and Adaptation of Improved Soil Management Practices in the Eastern Uganda Hills. Land Degradation & Development. (2011). DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1143.
12. Isabirye, M., D. Kimaro and O. Semalulu. 2010. Sediment Production from Settlements and Farmlands within Lake Victoria Shoreline Zone in Uganda & Tanzania. Tropicultura 28(2)89-95.
13. Schärer, M., E.DeGrave, O. Semalulu, S. Sinaj, R. Vandenberghe and E. Frossard. 2009. Effect of redox conditions on phosphate exchangeability and iron forms in a soil amended with ferrous iron. European Journal of Soil Science. 60 (3) 386-397. ISSN1351-0754.
14. Semalulu, O., Magunda, M., Majaliwa, M., Ssali, H. Tenywa, M., and N. Abesiga. 2004. An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Utilisation of Land Resources for a Better Environment. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. ISSN 1026-0919. Vol. 8 No. 9 No. 1 pp. 294-302
15. Majaliwa M, M.K. Magunda, M.M. Tenywa and O. Semalulu. 2003. Soil erosion and pollution loading from agricultural land in Bukora sub-catchment. Uganda Journal of agricultural Sciences. ISSN 1026-0919. Vol. 8 No.10 pp. 303-312.
16. Semalulu, O., M. K. Magunda, L. Idrakua and L. Okello. 2003. Non-Point Source Pollution into Lake Victoria from Bukora, Uganda Sub-catchment. African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries (Special Issue). Vol. 11:23-40. ISBN: 9970-713-06-6
17. Nkalubo, S.T., O. Semalulu, Y. Lu and J. McDonagh. 2003. Constraints to the adoption of soil conservation and fertility management techniques in the Mt. Elgon areas, Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences 8(10)313-322.

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